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Nurse Splane Writes.

Blyss Splane is a nurse and freelance content writer for hire.

Her career as a certified operating room nurse and experience as a travel nurse has added ample experience to write about as a content writer in her business, Nurse Splane Writes, LLC.

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Latest from the Blog

You Might Be an OR Nurse If…

OR nursing is different from floor nursing in many ways. The job is very technical and requires planning for surgical procedures with a variety of skills. Here are a few ways to know if you are an OR nurse: You bend over to pick something up and everything falls out of your scrub pocket. OR nurses don’t keep much in their pockets except the essentials: pens, scissors, cell phone. Scrub pockets can be very loose and the minute you bend over to move cords around, suddenly everything from your pocket falls all over the grimey floor! You are incredible at …

Are You a New Grad Nurse in the Operating Room?

Recently I wrote an article titled Top Tips for New Grad Nurses in the Operating Room (OR) detailing ways to be successful as a new nurse in the OR. Working in the OR can be an incredible experience when you are set up for success! Read the article to discover which tips could be the most beneficial for your OR nursing career! Until next time… Nurse Splane

5 Reasons I Tried Travel Nursing

I started my nursing career in the operating room (OR) and have never worked in another nursing specialty. As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to work in the OR because of two television shows: Dr. 90210 and Grey’s Anatomy. My parents could not understand why I wanted to watch surgery shows, even when the “gory parts” were blurred out. I fell in love, as did many Americans, with the storylines weaved around the background of hospital ORs in Grey’s Anatomy. I was forever changed by watching these shows. In the early years of my career, …

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