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Blyss Splane BSN RN CNOR

My name is Blyss Splane, and I’m the creator of Nurse Splane Writes.

About Me 

Growing up watching back-to-back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Dr. 90210, I have always been fascinated by surgery and knew that I was destined to work in the operating room. Upon graduating from the University of Delaware in 2013 with a bachelor’s of science in nursing degree, I passed my boards and began my OR career at an eye surgery center. A few months later, I was accepted into the local trauma center’s perioperative nurse residency program. 

Offering a fast-paced environment and constant exposure to life-saving surgeries, I loved working in the trauma center. Two years of critical education and surgical experience later, I passed the perioperative certification exam on my first attempt. Managing the complicated surgical schedule as a charge nurse and actively participating in shared governance groups, empowered me to fine-tune my leadership skills and advocate for positive change. After identifying a significant gap in education, I started a journal club for nurses to discuss evidence-based practice research and earned a Nursing Excellence Award for my efforts. 

My (now) husband’s job moved us from Delaware to the Atlanta metro area in 2017, and becoming the “new” nurse again was certainly a challenge. Eventually settling into a vascular and thoracic surgery-focused team, the restless feeling persisted and I began exploring the idea of becoming a travel nurse. In late 2019, I took the plunge. With endless adventures and the ability to meet so many people who made a lasting impact on my life, I could not have been happier with my decision.

How it Began 

After an influx of cases in my surgical unit, I tested positive for COVID-19 in July 2020. Searching for a way to stay productive and make ends meet during my two-week recovery period, Nurse Splane Writes was officially born. 

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, this unexpected downtime allowed me to start writing about nursing-related topics that I’m passionate about and help other nurses in the process—from industry trends and advancements in healthcare to advice for aspiring travel nurses and a peek inside the operating room. 

In addition to offering an ongoing support system for nurses across all specialties, my ultimate goal with Nurse Splane Writes is to serve as a go-to resource for new graduate OR nurses. While there are many misconceptions around the OR, it’s a great place to work and I’m committed to sharing the value that OR nurses bring to the table and equipping them with the right skills and tools for continuous success. 

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