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Nurse Practitioner Appreciation Week 2020

Each year, different professions are celebrated to acknowledge the unique contributions to healthcare. This week, November 8th-14th is dedicated to Nurse Practitioner Appreciation. As a patient, I have received care from NPs and have always been very impressed. I find it easier to get on the office schedule to see an NP, and they seem to have more time for my questions. As a nurse, I have friends who are NPs or are in the process of earning their Master’s degree to become a NP. I am impressed by their dedication and the hard work it takes to go to …

How to Get a Loan as a Travel Nurse

While there are many benefits and perks to working as a travel nurse, it may be more difficult to get a loan as a travel contract worker. It’s not an impossible task though! My husband and I were able to apply for a mortgage and purchase a house while I have been working as a travel nurse. It’s important to have some guidance on the best ways to approach applying for a loan. Curious about how to ensure you can get a decent loan and rate as a travel nurse? Check out my article I wrote for Trusted Health with …

What is it like to be an Orthopedic Nurse?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an orthopedic nurse? Nurses who specialize in orthopedics can work on the floor taking care of patients recovering from orthopedic surgeries or they can be the nurses in the operating room while patients undergo orthopedic surgery. In my career as a nurse, I have loved being an orthopedic surgical nurse. It is usually exciting to take care of orthopedic injuries or to assist with a total joint replacement. There is an intense feeling of satisfaction to seeing broken bones fixed before the patient leaves the OR. Check out my article I …

How to Make Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safe for Kids with Food Allergies

Halloween is quickly approaching! With the chaos and upheaval associated with living through a global pandemic, we could all benefit from a little celebrating and joy. As with every holiday, Halloween will probably look different this year for you and your family.  Halloween typically involves spooky costumes, scary movies (if that’s what you enjoy), and plenty of candy from trick-or-treating. However, not all kids are able to trick-or-treat safely due to food allergies. Food Allergies in the U.S. The CDC states that 8% of kids or 1 out of 13 children in the U.S. have food allergies. Reactions can vary …


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Blyss Splane
aka Nurse Splane
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Hi my name is Blyss Splane BSN RN CNOR. I am a certified nurse in the operating room with recent experience as a travel nurse. I am a freelance writer for hire and have been published on nursing blogs and websites. I live outside of Atlanta with my husband and cockapoo Charley.

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