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Nurse Practitioner Appreciation Week 2020

Each year, different professions are celebrated to acknowledge the unique contributions to healthcare. This week, November 8th-14th is dedicated to Nurse Practitioner Appreciation.

As a patient, I have received care from NPs and have always been very impressed. I find it easier to get on the office schedule to see an NP, and they seem to have more time for my questions. As a nurse, I have friends who are NPs or are in the process of earning their Master’s degree to become a NP. I am impressed by their dedication and the hard work it takes to go to graduate school while also working as a nurse.

Curious about how NPs contribute to improved healthcare? Check out my newest article for all about NPs!

The Important Role of Nurse Practitioners

Do you use a NP for your primary care needs? What has been your experience with NPs? Leave a comment with your experience below!

Until next time,

Nurse Splane

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